It is not products that set standards, but the people who create them. Commitment and capacity for mutual success.


What Berger-Zobel GmbH Coating Systems stands for, in addition to its known product quality, is something our customers have appreciated for over 60 years. It is the people who research and develop with us, organize and produce, manage and advise.

This is probably due to the motivating atmosphere of an owner-run company like ours that makes our variety of specialists a powerful and successful team. As such, we are always searching for innovative ways to optimize our products and services. Flexibility and commitment to performance are the attributes that are in the foreground.


The theme of color is as customized as man himself. It expresses individuality, diversity and personality. Such a theme requires intensive cooperation with you, our customer, in order to respond to your personal needs and wishes with the product security you need for successful business.

It is not for nothing that at Zobel such concepts as service and performance as hallmarks of excellence stand on a par with the quality characteristics of our products themselves.

You can count on this at Zobel!