The future always begins in the present as a continuation of yesterday.


A company that wishes to develop dynamically and constantly improve its competitive position must avoid the beaten path. It must take on the challenges of the market, attune itself to them and discover trends before others do. In this sense, Berger-Zobel GmbH has always been one of the pioneers in the market of water-soluble coating systems.


Important developmental steps


Opening of a wholesaler in chemical products by the father of later company owner Harry Zobel, Senior.

Expansion of the wholesale business, while establishing a commercial enterprise for the production of chemical-technical products.


Additional opening of a do-it-yourself store with the focus on paints and varnishes.

Start of production of wood surface coatings and wood preservatives
under the brand name Zowosan® wood coatings.

Acquisition of an additional parcel of land and construction of manufacturing plants and warehouses.

– arrival of the corporate managing partner Harry Zobel
– change of legal form into a limited partnership

Expansion of manufacturing and storage facilities and renovation of
 existing premises.

– acquisition of a larger plot of land at the present location and construction
   of additional production and storage halls
– the do-it-yourself store remains in the old premises
– after the death of the limited partner Harry Zobel, Senior, the company is
   converted into a limited liability company

1997 / 1998
– expansion and renovation of the existing premises: New construction of
   management, manufacturing and warehouse buildings
– incorporation of the new construction of a research and development center
   with integrated application engineering center and training center
– state-of-the-art process control is the basis for greater capacity and
   quality assurance

Expansion and fundamental redesign of Zobel application technology with the latest painting and drying technology for even better demonstration of development and customer-specific processing conditions

Takeover of Zobel Chemie GmbH by the Berger Group. Former owner and managing director Harry Zobel retires at the same time after 47 years in the company and hands over to the managing directors Thomas M. Adam and Markus M. Adam


Name change of Zobel Chemie GmbH into Berger-Zobel GmbH as well as relocation of the company to the nearby site of Grünstadt which is also headquarter of the Berger Group