Now colors are

coming into play.


»Thus extraordinary ideas become reality:
Zowo-plast®  – the innovative, water-based 1C-PUR synthetic coating by Berger-Zobel creates the basis.

With Zowo-plast®  the coloring of PVC building components is easier and more flexible. Whether you are working with window profiles or extensive façade elements - the water-based, 1C-PUR coating system guarantees trouble-free processing with excellent surface quality. In addition, Zowo-plast® is available in all desired color tones.
This means: Absolute color variety not only for PVC windows and doors. By meeting the AAMA 615-13, probably the world's toughest performance requirement for paints for PVC coating, the premium product Zowo-plast® can justifiably be called a »Superior Performing Coating«.

  • - coating of hanging and lying objects
      → applicable to both, profiles
         and windows
  • - high layer build-up in one step
  • - just one base coat for every color tone
  • - one product for all kinds of applications
      (handicraft to industrial)
  • - completely water-based system
      including cleaner
  •   → no brittleness caused by solvents,     
        no hazardous substances
  •   → logistic benefits
  • - proven in extreme climate zones, including
      Australia, Mexico, the Middle East,
      Siberia, USA
  • - easy to clean
  • - can be easily painted over
  • - ZOBEL ANTI-HEAT for dimensionally stable
      building components
  • - cost and flexibility benefits compared to
      alternative coloring methods
  • - tested safety