Color Tone Collection

In addition to the color tone collections listed below, Zowo-plast®® is also available in many other color tones such as RAL, special tones and individual color tones on request.

Metallic-Line Cool Design

Cool effect for PVC windows and doors

Cool design stands for a cool color effect through the chosen ten color tones. The name also stands for the limitation of heat build-up to the very minimum: All Design Cool color tones are based on the Zobel Anti-Heat color tone formula. This makes it possible to paint PVC in dark color tones without leading to significant temperature differences compared to unpainted white profiles. The color tone collection features a rich metallic effect that, particularly in sunlight, is expressed very brilliantly and vividly.

The Metallic-Line Cool Design contains metallic particles whose special sheathing makes the product highly weather resistant. Through this ‘internal’ protection of the effect pigments, there is no need for the usually necessary protective clear coating.