Zowo-tec® 245

Transparent Wood Binder

  • reduces the sanding required in the overall system
  • simplifies sanding by means of fiber fixation
  • to achieve an extremely smooth wood surface
  • leveling in terms of more uniform coloring of the subsequent primer
  • for preventive protection against blue stain and insects
  • fast-drying

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Technical fact sheet

Zowo-tec® 330

2K-PUR Hydro Sealer,

  • provides maximum protection level for larch
  • protects against resin-related discolouration of the final coating
  • prevents resin-induced film-forming defects of the final coating
  • for glazing, colourless and coloured opaque coating systems

Technical fact sheet

Zowo-tec® 380

Intermediate Coat, 

  • uniform and intense metallic effect
  • in combination with Zowo-tec® 441 Finish-Coat to protect the metallic pigments
  • integrated in the ZOBEL color mixing system

Technical fact sheet

Zowo-tec® 431

Wood-aluminum Middle Layer Varnish *

  • for the most natural character possible of wood aluminum components
  • outstanding transparency
  • coloring possible using primer
  • silk matt formulation
  • colorless


* Does not achieve the minimum dry film thickness recommended in VFF Directive HM.01 of 60 µm on visible surfaces.


Technical fact sheet

Zowo-tec® 441


  • colorless protective coating for Zowo-tec® 380 Intermediate Coat, metallic
  • HighEnd UV protection
  • high transparency and deep gloss for accentuation of the metallic intermediate coat
  • semi-gloss formulation

Technical fact sheet