Color Tone Collection

In addition to the color tone collections listed below, Zowo-tec® is also available in many other color tones such as RAL, special tones and individual color tones on request.

Color-Line Nature

The classic - for those to whom nature is not too natural

Today’s architecture bears a great responsibility in terms of sustainable building and living for tomorrow. Color-Line Nature color tones are synonymous with natural transparent wood finishing. They favorably maintain the natural character of the material, emphasize its environmental qualities and are the key to atmospheric living.

The Color Line Nature Collection consists of fifteen color tones. As usual, the color tones are achieved in the interplay of glazing primer and top coat.

Metallic-Line Basic

Metallic sheen for wooden windows and doors
Metallic-Line Basic offers an intensive, highly uniform and somewhat coarser metallic effect. The opaque color tone collection consists of the color tones silver, gold, red, blue and green.

The metallic coloring is achieved by Zowo-tec® 380 intermediate coating. To protect the metallic effect pigments, Zowo-tec® 441 top coat is required, that is applied as a clear coat with Metallic-Line Basic.